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An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. That is the proposition that our nation was built upon. The workers of our nation go to their jobs, each and every day, making goods and performing services to keep our society going. Their employers expect the workers to keep their end of the bargain, perform the labor they are being paid to perform. And the workers have a reasonable expectation, too. They expect to be compensated in accord with their contribution. Unfortunately, employers sometimes do not want to live up to their end of the bargain.

Employers have very innovate ways, most of them in violation of Federal laws, that prevent employees from receiving the compensation they are entitled to by requiring workers to work more hours that they are being paid for. Some overtime violations such as making employees work “off the clock” and attempting to classify them as exempt to avoid paying legitimate overtime compensation are just a few ways employers attempt to “short change” the people that make their business function. Employees, fearful that in today’s turbulent job market that new work opportunities may be scarce, if non-existent, many times do no assert their rights to fair and adequate compensation.

There are long standing Federal laws that protect employees, and clearly and comprehensively, define an employer’s obligation when it comes to compensating employees for hours worked. If you have any questions concerning g your rights to fair pay, and your employer’s obligation to provide you with that pay, you should seek the advice of a qualified Florida overtime attorney.

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