Failure to Diagnose Colon Cancer

All colon cancers start off as noncancerous growths called polyps. Over time, the tip of the polyp may become cancerous, and if not removed, may progress until the wall of the colon becomes involved. It is thought that it takes five years or more for a cancerous polyp to involve the colon wall. Once the wall is invaded there is the likelihood of spread to other organs and resultant death. If a Chicago doctor fails to properly diagnose colon cancer and a potential cancer is over looked and treatment delayed the unnecessary death of the patient may occur.

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The gold standard in colon cancer screening is a test called a colonoscopy, where a fiber optic scope is inserted into the rectum and guided through the colon in an attempt to identify polyps or early cancers. In order for this screening to be accurate, a pre-test preparation must adequately cleanse the colon by inducing diarrhea. If there is adequate preparation and the colonoscopy is properly performed, almost every polyp and early cancer should be identified and removed.
Colon cancer malpractice may occur when the doctor realizes that the colonoscopy prep is inadequate, causing stool to cover the colon wall, yet goes forward with the procedure and misses something that needed to be removed. Time goes by, the patient becomes sick, and further testing reveals a colon cancer that likely was present at the time of the previous colonoscopy. If this should happen to you or a loved one, contact me as soon as possible.

Another example of Chicago colon cancer malpractice occurs when the doctor, typically a gastroenterologist, performs an inadequate or careless colonoscopy and misses a cancer. In some colon cancer malpractice cases the doctor fails to pass the scope far enough into the colon, and misses a cancer in an area that should have been explored.
A common case for requiring a Chicago colon cancer attorney is when a doctor fails to perform a colonoscopy when one is necessary, and thereby fails to identify a treatable cancer. An example of this type of case might be an elderly patient whose blood test shows anemia, and there is no evidence of a specific cause. Because it is well known in medicine that colon cancer often occurs in the elderly, and when present may cause anemia, the doctor must recommend a colonoscopy. If the doctor fails to order the colonoscopy, this is may very well be a case for me.

Also, cases can arise when a primary care doctor fails to recommend routine screening at a proper time or interval. Colon malpractice may also occur when gastroenterologist fails to recommend further testing when something suspicious is seen
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