Malnutrition and malnourishment commonly evidence the occurrence nursing home abuse and neglect to an elderly loved one. Malnutrition and malnourishment are conditions that result from an unbalanced diet that is either excessive or lacking in certain essential vitamins and nutrients. The real concern with these conditions is the extreme likelihood that the resident will develop one of many possible nutrition disorders. Although a majority of nutrition disorders relate to issues of obesity, the nutrition disorders that arise in nursing homes pertain to deficiencies. These deficiencies, which derive from malnutrition and malnourishment, can cause problems such as organ failure, elevated blood pressure, anemia, and many others.

Some common symptoms of malnutrition are: weight loss, bone or joint pain, and changes in the appearance of an individual’s skin or hair. The prevalence of these symptoms and the likelihood of death increase with each heightened degree of malnutrition and malnourishment.

Additionally, the longer a resident suffers from malnutrition and malnourishment, the more grave the consequences. This makes these illnesses especially dangerous to nursing home residents because many of them do not have regular visitors to monitor their health if they are being neglected. It is very common for a resident to suffer from these conditions and deteriorate to a point of no return.

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Malnutrition is also extremely dangerous in nursing homes because it greatly increases the risk of infections and weakens the immune system. Malnutrition and malnourishment can also impede a resident’s ability to perform simple functions such as walking, which could easily result in a slip or fall. These are problems that elderly individuals are already susceptible to, elevating the dangers of malnutrition.

Because residents of nursing homes live there full time, they are completely dependent upon the home for every aspect of their livelihood; the most vital aspect being food. As a result of budget cuts or severe under-staffing, nursing home staff members frequently neglect the food intake of residents. Ultimately, this neglect results in malnutrition and malnourishment which can be very dangerous. Even if it is not the intent of the nursing home to injure its residents, such inadequacies are completely inexcusable, especially since you have paid and trusted these individuals to care for your loved ones.
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