Inaugural “Miracle Award”

Dan Newlin Miracle Project

On November 21, 2010, Orlando resident Ron Haugh started his morning, like many mornings, working his part-time shift at Sea World. By the end of the day, Ron and his family would be delivered the devastating news that Ron had Stage 4 terminal Brain Cancer.

Instead of releasing Ron to follow-up with his family doctor, the medical professionals at Dr. Phillips Hospital elected to perform emergency life-saving brain surgery on Ron. Ron and his wife Michelle, who had struggled since Ron was laid off from full-time construction work due to down-sizing, had little money in their savings and no health insurance.

Local surgeon Max Medary, M.D. headed a team of health care professionals in treating Ron and performing the surgery. It was a touching moment for the Haugh family who admitted unexpected shock when they were informed that Ron would be cared for without concern for payment.

“After the surgery, Dr. Medary and the amazing nurses at Dr. Phillips Hospital made sure that all of my attention was spent helping my husband and not concerned about the mounting bills,” stated Michelle. “NO ONE spoke a word to me about the cost of this care and when I brought it up, everyone assured me not to worry that there would be a time to discuss it later.”

Orlando based Attorney Dan Newlin caught wind of the situation through a mutual friend and found the story to be very touching. “Orlando Health (the parent organization of Dr. Phillips Hospital) is already known as one of the top health care providing institutions in the country. This story only reiterated that sentiment by showing the uncommon compassion and dedication of the health care professionals at Dr. Phillips,” commented Newlin.

The Dan Newlin Miracle Project, which was launched last year, is an organization that supports various charities throughout the Central Florida area. The organization organized a “light hanging party” at the Haugh residence to assist the family in displaying their annual Christmas lights, a labor of love unable to be accomplished this year by a recovering Ron. Newlin was also instrumental in raising over $25,000 to help cover the cost of Ron’s ongoing care.

“The real heroes here are the health care professionals at Dr. Phillips Hospital,” claimed Newlin. “For a family, whose life came crashing down, to receive such respect, such care, and such compassion is remarkable. Those doctors and nurses really touched the lives of this family and in their eyes were miracle workers.”

Plaques were presented to both Dr. Medary and Dr. Phillips Hospital. “I hope that this award will be seen by every person who had a hand in helping Ron and his family. The power of the collective human spirit is a remarkable thing. It is truly a miracle.”
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