Is it true that motor vehicles always have to yield the right of way to pedestrians and bicicyclists?

While it is important for automobiles to pay attention to pedestrians and oftentimes yield to them, pedestrians are still tasked with following traffic laws and traffic devices. And abiding by these laws can mean staying safe. If you happen to be the victim in a pedestrian-vehicle accident, you might be going through a difficult time and be confused about who is at fault.

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When it comes to understanding motor vehicle and pedestrian rights, you should realize first of all that pedestrians should be walking in the direction of traffic flow. When automobiles approach red lights, they have to stop before crosswalks or intersections and give pedestrians the chance to cross the street if they have the proper signal.

If however a car has a green light, the person walking would need to give the vehicle right of way. And if a pedestrian is attempting to cross a part of the road beyond the intersection and there are no traffic devices, the person walking should not assume an approaching car would yield to them.

As far as traffic lights go, when a circular light that faces a pedestrian is green, they have the right to cross using a crosswalk whereas cars facing the same green light would need to move with caution, allowing the person walking to cross, whether the car was going straight or turning. If a vehicle approaches a green arrow, the driver is allowed to enter the intersection but has to give anyone walking in the crosswalk the right of way. If there is a steady yellow light and a vehicle is sitting in the intersection waiting to turn left, the driver must yield to people walking.

In the case of visually impaired pedestrians who have guide dogs or white canes in extended or raised positions, they always have the right of way. Cars must also always yield to anyone in wheelchairs, anyone who has a service animal or some other mobility aid when crossing the road.

But regardless of whether pedestrians have the right of way, you should always take into account the fact that a car might not stop and there could be an accident. Making eye contact with the driver is a good way to ensure they are observing you walking in their path. This can help limit the possibility of an accident occurring.

Whether due to distraction or inclement weather or a hazard in the road, there are cases in which drivers might fail to stop for a pedestrian. Then risk of an accident skyrockets and the results could be tragic.

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