Who is most likely to be involved in a pedestrian accident?

According to the experts, since 2001 Florida has been consistently one of the top three states of the nation for pedestrian accident fatalities and bicycle accident fatalities annually. Florida also has the claim to fame of having the first four (4) of the ten most risky urban areas for pedestrians.

Statistics show the vast majority of the deaths attributed to motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents (73%) occur in urban areas with the 4 out of 5 of those fatalities happening outside of crosswalks and away from intersections.  90% of those accidents occur in good weather, and 67% occurred during nighttime hours. Shockingly, alcohol was found in the bloodstream of the driver and/or the pedestrian of many of the accidents, with 49 percent of the fatal pedestrian traffic accidents involving at least one of the parties consuming alcohol.

As one would imagine, the groups of people most prone to being victims of motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents are the elderly and small children. For convenience and eases of access to goods and other services, elderly people often chose to live in areas that they can walk to stores. That choice results in more elderly citizens to walk on our streets than other categories of the population. Elderly people tend to be less mobile with significantly slower reaction times that the average pedestrian. Often compounded by diminished mental faculties and loss of vision and hearing, elderly pedestrians often find themselves in dangerous situations when having encounters with motor vehicles. Young children, based upon their impulsiveness, an inability to judge distance and speed and a failure to adequately appreciate the dangers of traffic often find themselves, too, at a disadvantage when coming into contact with automobiles, resulting in a greater likelihood they will be involved in motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents. All too often, a small child may chase a ball into the street, maybe even between two parked cars, without looking for traffic, causing even the most cautious driver to be unable to stop in time and avoid an accident. Such an incident could result in devastating results, even death.

Due to the congestion of both traffic and dense population, urban areas present significant opportunities for motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents.  While, as previously stated, 73% of the fatalities attributed to motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas, overall 85% of total motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents happen in cities. Despite fewer accidents occurring in a rural setting because of less traffic and sparser populations, the countryside is no safer that the city. There is, surprisingly, a higher death to accident ratio in rural areas, most likely attributed to the greater rate of speed that cars are traveling in less populated areas and a reduced sense of risk based upon fewer vehicles on the road.

The classification of pedestrians includes far more people that those who simply choose to walk rather than drive a motor vehicle. Joggers, skateboarders, bicyclists and in-line skaters are also categorized as pedestrians, and face a high risk of injury when occupying the same roadways as motor vehicle.  And, the definition of what a motor vehicle is related to the instant statistics is much broader than simply automobiles. City buses, motorcycles, taxis, tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles are responsible for many of the motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents reported.

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