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What is Personal Injury Protection? (PIP)

What is PIP? Why do I have to contact my insurance company? Why is my insurance company paying bills for an accident I didn’t cause? Why does my insurance company only pay a portion of my bills? How does the Florida Personal Injury Protection law cover my bills?

These are frequent questions that many accident victims have concerning their accident and PIP. They are very good questions, and they deserve answers. The auto insurance industry intentionally provided very little information to answer these questions.
Personal Injury Protection, or simply PIP, is mandatory coverage provided by your insurance company in the event of an accident. It is governed by Florida Statute 627.736(1). Under the PIP Statute, an insurance company is required to provide their insured with a minimum of coverage should they be involved in an auto-accident. The minimum coverage is $10,000 per person, and it will cover or reimburse the following expenses:

  1. 80% of any and all medical bills relating to injuries sustained
  2. 60% of any loss of income (wages) or earning capacity
  3. 80% of prescriptions for medication prescribed as a result of injury
  4. Reimbursement of mileage to and from any medical facility

Who qualifies for PIP? When involved in an auto-accident, regardless of who is at fault, every person involved will report to their own insurance company for PIP benefits. If you are not covered on an auto-insurance policy you may still qualify for PIP through other means such as residing with a relative who owns an insured vehicle, or riding in a vehicle that is insured.


Do I qualify for PIP? Call the law office of Dan Newlin & Partners at (407) 888-8000: We pride ourselves in providing free advice and information to consumers and victims of auto-accidents. We want you to be well informed about the whole process and know exactly what benefits you are entitled to. With just a few answers to some simple questions, we can tell you if you qualify for PIP and under what policy. Please call me today; failure to properly open a PIP claim with the insurance company could result in the accumulation of high medical bills in your name.

Who is going to pay for your medical bills?

Besides being injured and having damage to your property, an auto-accident can put you in a position of financial hardship. An ambulance ride, ER visit, X-rays and follow-up appointments can quickly add up to thousands of dollars of medical bills. Who is responsible? Who will pay? Keep reading for a better understanding of Florida personal injury protection law.

If you qualify for Personal Injury Protection (PIP), the PIP carrier will cover 80% of any and all medical expenses related to injuries sustained in the accident up to $10,000. Medical providers will submit bills to the PIP carrier (typically your insurance company), and will be paid directly on 80% of the balance. Once the insurance company has paid $10,000 in benefits, it will consider your PIP coverage to be “exhausted”. This does not mean that you cannot still treat with a doctor.

Who pays for the balance of the bills? Because PIP will only pay 80% of any medical bill, if will leave the remainder of the bill your responsibility. These outstanding balances constitute “out-of-pocket expenses”, which can be claimed as damages against the at-fault party. There may be other forms of coverage available to cover the remaining balance including Health Insurance, Medical Payment Auto Coverage, Medicaid or Medicare.

How do I handle my medical bills? Call the law office of Dan Newlin & Partners at (407) 888-8000: While you are focusing on recovering and getting better, allow us to handle the processing and payment of your medical bills. My staff and I always strive to ensure that our client’s medical bills are handled in a timely manner and are paid for by the proper party. As an additional service, we will work with all of the providers and negotiate lower balances on all of your outstanding bills.

WARNING: Improper handling of medical bills could result in them going to collections and possibly damaging your credit. Call me today for free advice concerning how to handle your medical bills.