Do airbags really save lives?

According to a recent government study, an estimated 3.3 million air bags have deployed in car accidents and the agency estimates more than 6,377 lives have been saved and countless injuries prevented. In 2009 alone, the insurance industry estimates that 584,000 air bags were deployed during accidents that year, including 84,000 passenger-side air bags. While clearly, properly functioning airbags have saved lives, there are also alarming statistics that suggest airbags can cause serious injury, if not death.

From 1990 to 2000, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identified 175 fatalities caused by air bags. Most of these (104) have been children, while the rest are adults, typically shorter females. All the victims were involved in low-speed accidents they should have survived. Deaths in frontal crashes are reduced about 14% among right front passengers using their belts and about 23% among passengers without belts. However, deaths are about 34% higher than expected among child passengers younger than 10.

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