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Workplace injuries are an everyday occurrence in the United States, and Florida is no exception. Our state is growing, both in population and commercial activity. That combination is a perfect breeding ground for employment, and with more employment there is a greater incidence of work related injuries requiring an Orlando work injury attorney.

Like most states, Florida recognizes that workers get injured on the job and it is imperative that a system is in place to assist those people that are hurt while performing their job duties. To that end, the Florida Legislature created Florida Statutes 440-the Workers’ Compensation Law. The intent of the Legislature is that the law “ be interpreted so as to assure the quick and efficient delivery of disability and medical benefits to an injured worker and to facilitate the worker’s return to gainful reemployment at a reasonable cost to the employer. It is the specific intent of the Legislature that workers’ compensation cases shall be decided on their merits. The workers’ compensation system in Florida is based on a mutual renunciation of common-law rights and defenses by employers and employees alike. In addition, it is the intent of the Legislature that the facts in a workers’ compensation case are not to be interpreted liberally in favor of either the rights of the injured worker or the rights of the employer. Additionally, the Legislature hereby declares that disputes concerning the facts in workers’ compensation cases are not to be given a broad liberal construction in favor of the employee on the one hand or of the employer on the other hand, and the laws pertaining to workers’ compensation are to be construed in accordance with the basic principles of statutory construction and not liberally in favor of either employee or employer. It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure the prompt delivery of benefits to the injured worker. Therefore, an efficient and self-executing system must be created which is not an economic or administrative burden. The department, agency, the Office of Insurance Regulation, the Department of Education, and the Division of Administrative Hearings shall administer the Workers’ Compensation Law in a manner which facilitates the self-execution of the system and the process of ensuring a prompt and cost-effective delivery of payments.” Florida Statute 440.15.

To the left are answers to some commonly asked questions about work injuries. Work injuries can have a devastating impact on the injured worker and their family. The psychological effect of an injury, combined with the economic hardship of losing one’s income can be overwhelming. When faced with these challenges, it is important that you have a dedicated, experienced and aggressive advocate by your side to help you get all the benefits you are entitled to, and all your rights are protected. You need a knowledgeable attorney to insure you receive all the benefits you deserve. You need an attorney like Dan Newlin. Dan has dedicated his life to helping injured people, and he would be honored to help you. Call Dan at (407) 888-8000. The phone call is free, the advice could be priceless.

I sincerely hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any questions concerning what to do after a work injury case, or what option are available to you, please feel free to call or contact us, at anytime for answers, information and/or a free consultation.

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