Florida Wrongful Death Attorney

The unnecessary death of a family member is one of the worst events that anyone can experience.  Not only is the emotional stress of the loss of a loved one traumatic and disturbing, but the economic consequences of losing the person who you relied upon for support leaves the ones left behind with fear and uncertainty. When a person suffers a wrongful death, whether it be in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, boating accident, or suffered as a result of medical malpractice, a complex web of legal issues arises.

A family is often left in shock, with no clear sense as to what direction to move in or how to respond to the numerous questions being asked by hospital administrators, bill collectors and insurance companies. I highly advise that you speak with an attorney before making any decisions regarding a Wrongful Death case in Florida. Remember, you will never be charged for calling our office for free legal advice or a consultation.

If your family has suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, I invite you to please utilize the resources of this web page. The links on the left side of this page represent several frequently asked questions, as well as points of interest concerning wrongful death. The information was compiled solely to provide you with some important tools to help guide you throughout this trying process. While no amount of money can restore your loved one to you, our team of experienced wrongful death attorneys and investigators will aggressively strive to financially compensate you and your family for your loss.

If you have any questions concerning what to do if a loved one is the victim of a wrongful death, or what options are available to you, you need the help of an experienced law firm to insure your rights are protected. Call the Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners. Our firm has helped over 10,000 victims of another person’s negligence and would be honored to help you in your time of need. Call us at (407) 888-8000 anytime for answers, information and/or a free consultation.

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