What causes TBI?

Recent studies have revealed that traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 45, with a TBI injury occurring every 15 seconds, causing 5 million Americans to suffer some form of TBI disability. Other than by organic, non-impact sources, brain injuries are caused by sudden traumas.

The human brain is the most complex component of the human body. Encased in the skull, the brain has, on the average, only a quarter inch of bone protecting it from all the dangers of our environment. Inside the skull, the brain is encased in three layers of fluid/tissue known as the meninges, whose purpose is to prevent the brain from excessive movement inside the skull. It is no wonder that the brain is so fragile and susceptible to injury. A foreign object striking the head can penetrate the thin protective layer of the skull causing internal injury and bleeding. A blow to the head from a blunt object can cause a hematoma and result in excessive pressure being exerted on the brain. Even a sudden, abrupt motion of the head, such as whiplash when someone is involved in a car crash, can cause the brain to shift position and bounce around within the skull resulting in significant injury.

The leading causes of TBI are falls (35.25), auto accidents (17.3%), struck by or against solid objects (16.5%), assaults (10%) and other unknown events (20%). Military personnel also have an additional risk of suffering TBI as a result of being exposed to explosive blasts.

Clearly, people with more active lifestyles logically are more susceptible to experiencing a TBI. Statistics show that males are more prone to being the victim of a TBI than females, with men being one and a half (1.5) times more likely to suffer a TBI than women.

Obviously, the more active a person is and the frequency that a person engages in high risk activities, the greater the likelihood that they will suffer a TBI. Sports activities such as football, bungee jumping and parachuting places a person at higher risk of sustaining a TBI than other activities.

The highest age ranges for people to suffer a TBI are from birth to four (4) years of age and fifteen to nineteen, with African-Americans experiencing the highest rate of death as a result of TBI.

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