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Hi, I’m Chicago Attorney Dan Newlin, Former Police Detective.  Thank you for visiting my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury information web page.  If you or a family member have been the victim of a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury it is very important that you have a strong medical and legal team on your side to help provide you with the necessary information to make the best recovery possible.  You have come to the right place!  Its been my honor to have had the opportunity to help hundreds of innocent people who have sustained spinal cord and brain injuries through no fault of their own, I have helped with these families as both a law enforcement officer and today as a trial attorney.  One minute your life is perfect, all is well, the next you or family member wake up to find your life is forever changed, many times through no fault of your own.

I would strongly suggest that you call me directly, I will personally meet with you and your family with my legal and medical team to provide you immediate help and advice.  Several years back, Barry Williams, one of my clients was involved in a car accident.  Mr. Williams was told that he would be a complete quadriplegic and never be able to move or function as a normal person would.  The hospital offered little hope.  I worked hard to get Mr. Williams into an advanced therapy and spinal cord injury recovery center in Texas.  Today Mr. Williams is, unfortunately, still bound to a wheel chair but is able to move his arms, and has full use of his upper body.  That recovery was solely due to the specialized therapy I was instrumental in obtaining for him.  In addition, I was able to get Mr. Williams a multimillion dollar settlement that will help him the rest of his life.  One other example of why not give up hope: I was called to the hospital a few years back and met with a young lady, her son was in an accident and was in a coma on life support with severe spinal and brain injuries.  The doctors had asked the mother, Mrs. Cruz, to take her son off life support as there was no brain activity and those doctors said there was nothing else that could be done.  I contacted three different medical experts, all said NO, do not take the boy off life support, and Mrs. Cruz took my experts’ advice instead.  Today, Mrs. Cruz’ son Bobby is walking and talking.  He lives with a partial spinal injury and brain injury but he is doing well. In that case, I was also able to recover a multimillion dollar settlement for Bobby which will help him the remainder of his life.

As a police officer, I was taught to fight, even if I sustained fatal wounds, never stop fighting.  I suggest to you do the same!!  If you choose me to help you, I will be by your side from the beginning of your case until the end of your life, my clients are my clients for life.  You can contact me directly at The Law Offices of Dan Newlin, 312-888-8000.

Spinal injuries and TBI are often permanent, however, with today’s advanced medical advances, including stem cell treatment and micro spinal surgery,  the chances for recovery are greater than ever!  Do not give up hope, recovery is possible!  I am honored to have worked with some of the greatest minds in medicine and have helped my clients get to the best medical providers in the country where they were treated and made amazing progress.  To me,  being a lawyer is not just about the legal system, its about helping my clients in all ways.  My number one goal is to get you better by finding and utilizing all modern medical advances to help you or your family member.

These types of injuries, whether involving permanent paralysis or not, are often caused by the fault of others, whether by automobile, truck or motorcycle accidents, workers compensation accidents, medical malpractice, surgical error, birth injury, Chicago subway or train accident, construction site accidents, playground accidents, slip and fall accidents, chemical exposure, and defective products. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury in Chicago or the Suburbs you may be entitled to thousands of dollars for your injuries, lost wages, medical bills and long term care. At the Law Offices of Attorney Dan Newlin we have proudly recovered over 200 Million Dollars for injury and accident victims and we will fight for you!!! We are sure you will find the best Chicago brain and spine injury lawyer at our offices.


More than a one million Americans experience a brain injury each year and 80,000 people have long-term disabilities as a result of their brain injury. In fact, according to the National Center for Injury Prevention, 1.5 million Americans each year sustain a brain injury. Of those, 50,000 die and over 1 million are treated in hospitals. Many of these victims are children, who are most at risk. Almost 500,000 children suffer serious brain injuries as a result of accidents each year. Additionally, many construction workers suffer brain injuries due to the nature of their work.

Brain trauma is usually the result of a direct blow to the head, which can bruise the brain and damage its internal tissues and blood vessels. The severity of a head or brain injury can range from a mild concussion to a severe injury that results in coma or even death. In a closed head or brain injury, there is no break in the skull and the brain is jarred against the sides of the skull, shearing (or tearing) the internal lining, nerves, tissues, and blood vessels.  This causes bleeding, bruising, or swelling to the brain. These types of brain injuries are often classified as subdural hematomas, sub-arachnoid bleeds and epidural bleeds. In a penetrating or open head injury, the skull is broken and the brain can be directly injured.

The sudden and profound injury the brain sustains at the time of the Chicago accident is called the primary brain injury. It can also be followed by secondary brain injury, a cascade of cellular, chemical, tissue, or blood vessel changes that evolve in the hours to days after the Chicago accident. These changes can further destroy brain tissue.

Spinal cord injuries affect between four and five million Americans yearly, and 400,000 live with the continuing effects of these injuries. Injuries to the neck (the cervical spine) or to the low back (the lumbar spine) can result in serious damage to the spinal cord causing permanent, and often catastrophic injuries.

An injury to the spinal cord, the central carrier of signals throughout the body, may be simply a bruise (or contusion), or a partial or complete tear. A mild contusion may cause the temporary loss of some function below the site of the injury. A complete transection, or severing of the spinal cord, causes a total and permanent loss of sensation and movement below the site of the injury.

Where the brain injury or spinal injury is the result of someone else’s wrongful conduct, experienced Chicago brain and spinal cord injury attorneys are required. Your attorney must be prepared to investigate, file suit, and prosecute your claim with intensity and passion. The Chicago brain and spinal cord injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Attorney Dan Newlin have the experience, medical knowledge and courtroom track record necessary to make certain that you, or the loved one for whom you are responsible, obtain full compensation.

Quadriplegia, paraplegia and brain damage are catastrophic injuries involving damage to the Central Nervous System. Victims sustaining these types of injuries need Chicago brain and spinal cord injury attorneys who possess the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to secure proper and adequate compensation for those victims and their families whose lives have been irreparably damaged by the acts of third parties. The brain and spinal cord injury attorneys at my office have achieved outstanding results for their clients who suffer from quadriplegia, paralysis, or loss of brain function as a result of traumatic accidents.

The Chicago brain and spinal cord injury attorneys at my office are dedicated to the recovery of full and fair compensation for accident victims whose injuries include brain trauma or spinal cord damage. Brain injury and spinal cord injury victims and their families need attorneys who understand the medical, physical, economic and psychological impacts of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). My team has extensive background and training in prosecuting cases involving these and other types of injuries to the Central Nervous System.

Every case of this type is thoroughly prepared so that the present and future needs of the victim are accounted for both medically and financially. At the outset, we assemble a team of legal and medical experts chosen for their ability to analyze, document, and persuasively describe their findings with respect to every technical issue of liability and damages that will arise in your case. Our team consults with nationally recognized experts in healthcare, medicine, and life care planning in order to ensure our clients receive full compensation.

In cases involving paraplegia or quadriplegia, we work with established healthcare cost data that details known costs associated with current and future nursing care, medical equipment, and other needed medical care including the cost of wheelchairs and required changes to your home and your vehicle. A physical rehabilitative expert (a physiatrist) works with a life care planner to identify and address the physical, medical and day-to-day needs of the victim and individualized plans are prepared to insure that the victim can achieve some level of future independence and a meaningful quality of life. An economist is retained to analyze and quantify the medical costs associated with the life care plan and prepare a report that accounts for rising medical costs, interest and inflation. We are equipped to present all of the damage issues to the jury in clear and understandable terms.

I always consider it an great honor to be selected to represent any individual or family that has sustained a serious life changing injury and I take that responsibility very seriously. My promise to you is that my team and I will work tirelessly to make certain that you receive the best medical care and all the money you are legally entitled to, to help you with your long term care.  Call me today for a free consultation, 312-888-8000.


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