Financial Exploitation

When an older person is robbed of money or property, it can have a serious detrimental effect. It may be difficult to imagine, but the financial exploitation of seniors occurs far too often in nursing homes throughout the United States. Forcefully or deceptively depriving an elderly nursing home resident is a clear sign of nursing home abuse.

The unlawful manipulation of a senior’s funds, assets, or property is a form of elder abuse. Unfortunately, this type of abuse is prevalent among nursing home staff, visitors, and owners of the facility. Residents of nursing homes work their entire lives to accumulate enough money to sustain them through retirement and pass on to their loved ones. They rightfully trust nursing home staff not only with management of their health and safety, but with faith that they will always act in their best interests.

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Abuse of this kind can take many forms. Those attempting to exploit seniors may impersonate members of religious or government institutions, requesting money to aid in their affairs. Court-appointed guardians may manipulate financial decisions to appear differently than they truly are. Nursing home staff may forge the signatures of residents on checks or other legal documents. Blatant theft may occur from private rooms or former homes being put up for sale or auction.

Financial exploitation is the third most common form of abuse in the United States, after neglect and emotional abuse. This type of abuse does not merely drain the assets of the elderly, but deprives them of security, so that if they develop any type of illness and require medical attention they are not able to do so or are forced to accept sub-par care. Americans are fully aware of the power of money, and the inability to pay for adequate medical attention may result in injury or premature death.

Nursing home employees are in a prime position to take advantage of unsuspecting elders because they are given complete access to resident files and records. Individuals with monetary security or significant assets are targets for greedy employees, who are willing to use threats, intimidation or other forms of coercion to get what they want. Some may even build a relationship with the resident for years in order to gain the resident’s trust and ultimately access saving accounts, wills, or other finances.

Though financial exploitation may be difficult to detect, there are some red flags that you should watch out for. These include frequent or unusual withdrawals from accounts, forged signatures on significant documents or checks, new loans or mortgage contracts, changes to wills or deeds, and unexplained disappearance of possessions or funds.

Other less obvious examples of manipulation may occur through overcharging of services, suspicious investments, hesitancy to discuss financial issues, changes in grooming habits, and reluctance to make eye contact with nursing home staff.

If you suspect financial exploitation of a loved one, first verify your doubts with them, and ask to see any pertinent documents such as credit card statements or contracts. If your loved one shows any sign of fear with respect to showing you those documents or speaking about related instances, consider removal or relocation. If you suspect abuse at the hands of a nursing home employee, call me at (312) 888-8000 for a free legal consultation.


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