Is my employer liable if I was attacked at work?

Employers have a duty to make your workplace safe, not only from environmental risks such as toxic substances and building materials, slippery surfaces, and fire hazards, but from would-be aggressors, robbers, and other potential attackers.  Making employee- only areas more difficult to access to non-employees is only one way for an employer to protect its employees.  The installation of security cameras can help minimize theft, but, more importantly, they can deter robbers and assailants and protect employees.  Employing security guards adds yet another level of protection to the workplace.   Lastly, employers can make sure that employees have a safe, well lit and enclosed area to park their cars and take their breaks.  A long walk to a parked car in a designated employee parking area in the back of a dimly lit parking lot is a very dangerous but easily avoidable condition that many employers subject their employees to.  These security measures represent only a handful of the ways in which an employer can make the workplace safer, and the lack of which may give rise to employer liability for the intentional acts of a third-person on the premises.

If you or a loved one have been injured at work, and believe that your injury could have been prevented by the property owner implementing better security measures, you need an attorney that has experience in dealing with negligent security claims by your side to make sure you receive all the benefits and compensation you are entitled to as a result of your injury.  You need experienced and aggressive attorneys like Dan Newlin & Partners to help you get everything to which you may be entitled.  Call us at (407) 888-8000 for a free consultation and to have all your questions answered regarding your injury.