What steps can property owners take to ensure my safety?

Most crimes happen because someone gave a criminal an opportunity to act.  Yet, sadly, the decision to provide less than adequate security is often a financial one.  However, the truth is that the cost of making a parking lot or alleyway safe and well lit is marginal when compared to the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma that may befall the innocent victim of a violent crime.  The perpetrator of the crime that inflicts such harm often exploits a particular location’s seclusion or lack of lighting, cameras, fences, locks, or security guards.  In fact, a well-lit parking structure can prevent criminals from creeping in the shadows, especially between two adjacently parked cars. Parking lot lights also allow security guards to have clear vision through closed-circuit security cameras. The parking lot pole lights should be mounted within the actual parking structure as well as around the parking lot area to increase the overall safety of the general area.

In addition to proper lighting, property owners should ensure that any place where an attacker might hide or gain entry is made inaccessible.  Fencing, correctly installed deadbolt locks, doors without exposed hinges (or non-removable hinge pins, and locking windows can all help keep you safe.  Security access cards and other security protocols ought to be used to protect guests where possible, as well as security guards and camera monitoring systems.   If security services such as guard or alarm companies are involved, their actions could also contribute to a possible injury. The degree of competence and professionalism varies greatly among these services. It can often be found that security personnel are inadequately screened, insufficiently trained and ineffectively supervised. As a result, they may contribute to the security risk rather than eliminate it. Frequently, the actions or inaction of security personnel are significant factors in security negligence claims. In many jurisdictions, security and alarm companies and security personnel such as guards are required to be licensed. Unlicensed practices and failure to comply with licensing requirements may expose you to an easily avoidable risk of harm.

If you or a loved one have been attacked at school, work, a hotel, or in a home or apartment you are renting, and believe that your injury could have been prevented by the property owner implementing better security measures, you need an attorney that has experience in dealing with negligent security claims by your side to make sure you receive all the benefits and compensation you are entitled to as a result of your injury.  You need experienced and aggressive attorneys like Dan Newlin & Partners to help you get everything to which you may be entitled.  Call us at (407) 888-8000 for a free consultation and to have all your questions answered regarding your injury.