Orlando Predators: Predator’s No.1 Fan Is Attorney Dan Newlin

news-post-predatorsDan Newlin is one of the most recognizable faces attached to the Orlando Predators with his series of local commercials promoting the team.

Even though the baby-faced Orlando attorney has little experience dabbling in the sports world, Dan Newlin knows how to deliver an assist. Orlando Predators owner Brett Bouchy said Dan Newlin was key in helping arena football return to Orlando with his financial and moral support. The Predators (0-2) compete in their first home game tonight since 2008 against the Iowa Barnstormers 8 p.m. at Amway Arena.

Brett Bouchy would not disclose the amount of Dan Newlin’s financial contribution to the team calling it a private issue, but acknowledged it was “significant.” Dan Newlin was recently named the team ambassador for the Orlando Predators.

“I’m not sure if the Predators would be back if not for his contributions. They’ve been that significant,” Brett Bouchy said. “It wasn’t just that, I don’t want to limit it to the financial contribution. That was a part of it. Everybody that lives in Central Florida has seen the commercials.”

“True character is shown in times of adversity. Dan supported us in 2009 when the league cancelled the season and did not play.”

So just exactly who is Dan Newlin?

“I drive a Ford Explorer in blue jeans and a t-shirt going to Lake Eola, that’s my comfort zone,” Dan Newlin said. “Blue jeans and t-shirt and sometimes a baseball hat.”

Dan Newlin, also a former sheriff’s detective, considers him a regular guy who just loves giving an assist to the Orlando Community whether it be helping to support a football team or raising funds to build a house for a family in need.

Besides competing for his high school golf team, Dan Newlin doesn’t consider himself an overall sports afficionado. He does love college football, particularly his law school alma mater Florida State.

“I really loved helping people, being able to make a difference in so many people’s lives,” Dan Newlin said. Read More