What should I do if I am involved in a slip and fall accident?

Statistics show that there is a high likelihood that, at some time in every person’s life, they will fall and injure themselves. While many falls occur due to no negligence on the part of others, a significant number of injuries attributed to slip and falls happen because property owners fail to keep their premises safe from unreasonably dangerous conditions and know hazards. In the event you are injured in a way that you feel may be the fault of another, it is important you take the appropriate steps from the moment the accident occurs to protect your rights and preserve crucial evidence to prove your claim.

If you suffer an injury as a result of a slip and fall, the first thing you will want to do is immediately fill out an incident report, or written documentation, at the scene of the fall. This report will document the date, time and circumstances of the fall. Insist that the property owner, or their agent, complete this report. At the very minimum, this report should include the names and contact information of any and all witnesses to the fall. If possible, a written statement from each of these witnesses as to what they saw will be extremely helpful. Additionally, getting the names of the property owner and/or their agents that were present at the time of the incident will be invaluable in proving that the owner had knowledge of the incident occurring. If possible, take photographs of the fall location, your injuries and the defect that caused your fall while you are still at the accident scene. Those photographs will prove useful information in the event you decide to make a claim.

In the event you are injured, it is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately. Minor injuries have a way of becoming major issues if ignored. At the time of the accident, the excitement and adrenaline sometimes mask injuries for a period of time. It is in your best interest to see a doctor, or go to an emergency room, the same day as the fall to insure your injuries are not more severe that you may estimate, and to document those injuries to support any claim you may make in the future. Be certain to tell the examining doctor everything about the circumstances of the fall, as well as any pain and discomfort you experienced since the accident.

If your injuries persist, make sure that you obtain ongoing medical evaluations. While your health and welfare is the most important factor to consider when you experience an injury from a slip and fall, medical records are the objective evidence used to establish the value of your case and are critical in supporting a claim for compensation should you desire to bring an action forward?

As with any personal injury claim, victims of injuries related to slip and fall accidents have the potential to be compensated for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. Be certain to keep good records and collect supporting documentation for those potential claims.

You are likely to receive a phone call from the insurance company or risk management office of the owner of the property where the fall occurred. Although they may seem friendly and concerned, please remember that they represent the property owner and have their best interest in mind. Be cautious when providing them with any information concerning the accident and your injuries. Slip and fall accidents are not as straight-forward as they may seem. Since a slip-and-fall case can become much more complicated than it appears on its face, you are best served by hiring an experienced, qualified personal injury attorney. Dan Newlin & Partners are those types of attorneys. Our firm has handled over 10,000 personal injury cases and knows how to navigate the legal system and get you the best outcome possible. Call Dan Newlin & Partners at (407) 888-8000 to get answers to all your questions about slip and fall accidents. The call is free, and our services are at no cost to you unless he wins your case. Don’t wait, call today.