What can a business owner do to protect customers from being injured as a result of slip and fall accidents?

Protecting Customers From Slip And Fall Injuries

While any property owner has a duty to keep their premises safe, business owners have an increased burden to be vigilant when one takes into consideration the number of people who may occupy their property on a daily basis and the number of potential dangers and hazards that may exist in a commercial environment that probably do not exist in a typical residential structure.  While, logically, being proactive in not allowing foreign substances or objects to remain on the floor, property owners can do so much more to insure the safety of their visitors.

Liquid type substances are probably one of the most common causes of people slipping, falling and sustaining injuries. Water, grease or oil, ice and soft foodstuffs are commonly found in restaurants, grocery store and convenience markets, as well as many other businesses. Business owners and employees alike should be sensitive to the condition of the floor in their establishments, and aware that maintaining a safe environment is as important as the goods and services they provide to the public.  Businesses should have a documented policy for regular, periodic inspections of the floors in their establishments and keep a detailed record of when, and by whom, the inspections are conducted. Those inspections should focus on potentially dangerous substances or objects, particularly in areas when there is a greater likelihood for liquids to be on the floor. Lettuce or tomatoes may fall out their bins in a produce section causing slippery surfaces. Frequent inspections will give the property owner the opportunity to keep the floors in their establishment safe, and the detailed record will be documentation of the establishment’s efforts to protect visitors from possible harm.

Leaky refrigeration units could cause water to leak out on a floor.  Damaged pipes and faucets in a kitchen or bathroom can cause water to cover a floor in a short period of time. A prudent property owner will have outside agencies contracted to maintain and repair those devices to insure their safety and proper operation. Those outside agencies will also keep records of the general good working condition of refrigeration and plumbing devices on the premises to support the efforts the business owner has engaged in to keep the property safe.

Frequent inspection of the general structural condition of floors and sidewalks may reveal potential dangers to occupants of the business premises. Is the carpet frayed or buckled?  Are floor tiles missing and/or broken? Are sidewalks and cement platforms cracked causing uneven surfaces? All of these defects could cause a potential hazard resulting in serious injury, and all could be prevented with regular inspections.

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