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What is automobile negligence?

Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. What many people don’t realize is that when operating a motor vehicle, a driver owes a legal duty to other drivers on the road as well as to passengers in their vehicle and pedestrians. That duty is to operate the motor vehicle in a reasonably safe manner.

When a person fails to operate their motor vehicle in a reasonably safe manner, they are deemed to have committed automobile negligence. In most cases, this is deemed to be careless driving, which is defined in Florida Statute 316.1925:

  1. Any person operating a vehicle upon the streets or highways within the state shall drive the same in a careful and prudent manner, having regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic, and all other attendant circumstances, so as not to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person. Failure to drive in such manner shall constitute careless driving and a violation of this section.

Other acts of automobile negligence are defined as Following Too Closely, Speeding, Failure to Yield Right of Way, Failure to Obey a Traffic Signal, and several more.

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