Why does Florida have so many pedestrian accidents?

The primary reason that Florida has so many motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicyclist accidents is the same reason that so many people come to Florida-the great weather and abundance of outdoor activities. Many of our nation’s states in the northeast and northwest have less than favorable climates. Snow and inclement weather discourage outdoor activities and corresponding pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Let’s face it, more people are on the street at all times on more days in Florida that probably any other state, so it is obviously more likely that there will be a greater frequency of motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents than in any other state.

With that basic premise in mind, the question still remains as to why the people in Florida have such a high incidence of motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicyclist accidents. Recent statistical studies have found that, on the average, almost nine (9) thousand motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicyclist accidents occur each year in the state of Florida, with nearly 500 of those accidents resulting in the death of the injured pedestrian.

As previously stated, there are simply more people on the street in Florida than most other states so the occasion to be involved in a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident is greater. Florida has experienced a phenomenal increase in its population in the last 60 years. Our state’s population in 1950 was a mere 2.8 million people. Surveys done in 2008 reveal that our population has exploded dramatically to 18.5 million people, an astounding increase of 700%.  With 7 times the congestion due to so many more motor vehicles and pedestrians occupying the same geographical area, the greater traffic creates a significant opportunity for people and cars to come into conflict.  That greater frequency of contact is undoubtedly the reason that motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents are co common.

Another significant factor in the likelihood of motor vehicle-pedestrian/bicycle accidents is the fact that so many tourists visit our state on a seasonal basis. It has been estimated that in excess of 80 million tourists visit Florida on an annual basis. That is 80 million more people that are likely to be driving on our roads and walking on our streets. Eighty million more people that are unfamiliar with our roadways, uncertain of which exit to take when traveling on our highways, and 80 million more people who are unaware of areas in our state that present unexpected hazards which can contribute to increased risk of dangerous encounters between motor vehicle and pedestrians. Florida is also a state whose highways and roadways are constantly evolving due to construction, causing the highway exit that was in one location a month ago to be in a completely different location a month later, thereby causing confusion for tourists as well as natives.

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