Orlando Rollover Accident Attorney

Hardly any SUV has ever earned the highest government safety rating. Modern SUVs are unlike their off-road counterparts in that most of them do not have roll-bar roof protection. SUV rollover accidents often result in traumatic injury and even death. If that death was a result of negligent design, a wrongful death action may be brought against the manufacturer. In order to be successful in a defective product action, you must prove negligence.

Acquiring the experts to evaluate the rollover and SUV design can often prove costly. My partners and I use the nation’s top experts to evaluate rollovers and testify on behalf of their findings. Time is of the essence! I highly advise consulting an Orlando rollover accident attorney as soon as possible following an SUV rollover accident, as there may be critical evidence that has to be gathered immediately following the accident.

If you have any questions concerning what to do after an SUV rollover accident or what options are available to you, please feel free to call or contact us at anytime for answers, information and/or a free consultation.

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