What about damage to my motorcycle?

Motorcycle accidents often lead to catastrophic damage to the bike. Many motorcycles contain custom parts, custom paint jobs and in some cases intricate modifications. Furthermore, for many, their motorcycle constitutes their primary mode of transportation.

How do I remove my motorcycle from the accident scene? If the motorcycle can be ridden, the law enforcement officer will likely ask if you or someone you know is ok to ride the motorcycle to your house or to a repair facility. However, if the motorcycle is disabled, towing arrangements will have to be made. As a courtesy, the law enforcement officials will arrange for your bike to be towed. IT IS IMPORTANT to ask where the bike is being taken. You will want this information to relay to the insurance company.

Will I be responsible for the towing and storage costs? The insurance company for the driver who caused the accident normally will pay the reasonable towing and storage costs of your motorcycle. While determining whether your bike is a “total loss,” they will continue to pay the storage costs. If the bike is considered to be a total loss, they will move it from the repair shop to a wrecking yard or a storage area. Before your bike is moved, you will be called. You will have to pay the storage costs from the day of your refusal forward if you refuse to allow the insurance company to move the motorcycle. You can pay to have it towed to your home if you want to keep the vehicle. BE CAREFUL! If there is a dispute as to how the accident happened, the insurance company may wish to further investigate the details of the accident, before deciding to accept responsibility for damage to your motorcycle. While doing so, the storage fees could be your responsibility!

How do I find out what to do with my motorcycle? Call the law office of Dan Newlin & Partners at (407) 888-8000: If you have any questions concerning damage to your motorcycle, please call me today for free legal advice. When it comes to damage to your motorcycle, you often have several options to chose from. The insurance companies may not always tell you all of the options. My staff is always ready to discuss what to do with your damaged motorcycle and how best to ensure that you an informed on all decisions that you make concerning repairs or replacement. REMEMBER! From the minute the insurance company knows of an accident, teams of adjusters are assembled to being working against you. Call us first, BEFORE speaking with the insurance company. Help is just a phone call away.