What is a Combined Single Limit (CSL) policy?

Auto insurance policies are typically broken up into two distinct types of coverage. There is usually coverage available for damage to property such as Collision Coverage and Property Damage Coverage, and there also is coverage available to injury such as Personal Injury Protection, Bodily Injury Coverage, and Commercial Liability Coverage. Furthermore, injury coverage is usually broken up to cover up to a certain amount of damage per person and per occurrence. For example, if a Bodily Injury policy is listed as $10,000/$20,000, it means that there is coverage available to compensate for injuries for any person up to $10,000 or a maximum of $20,000 per accident. In essence, if more than two people are injured in an accident and pursing claims for damages against the at-fault party’s Bodily Injury coverage, those injured parties will only be able to recover up to the total of coverage per occurrence ($20,000 in the above example).

Often times, Commercial Insurance Carriers write polices that group all damages, both property and injury, into one level of coverage called a Combined Single Limit (CSL) policy. In that instance, the coverage will be listed as a single amount, $500,000 for example, and all claims for damage to property and injuries will be made against the CSL coverage. IT IS IMPORTANT to understand, that under this coverage, the amount is a total for all parties affected by the accident. Consider this hypothetical situation:

Five people are driving to work in five separate vehicles. As they are proceeding in traffic, a speeding tractor trailer loses control and hits all five vehicles causing injuries and damage to all vehicle and drivers. As it turns out, the tractor trailer is owned by a company that carriers insurance with a $300,000 Combined Single Limit policy. If all five drivers pursue claims against the tractor trailer’s insurance company, and are successful in proving the truck driver’s negligence, all claims for damage to property and injuries will be paid from the $300,000 CSL policy.

What is the CSL policy is not enough to cover all damages and injuries? This is a very real possibility. In multi-vehicle accidents, often there are several parties pursing the same amount of limited coverage. Consider the hypothetical above if all five drivers were carrying 2 passengers each. Now there are 15 people pursing claims for injuries against a single CSL policy. Considering that all five will probably have separate attorneys, it solidifies our instance that you seek out experienced, professional representation for your claim.

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