Why is a DUI accident different than a standard auto accident?

Orlando DUI Accident Attorney Dan Newlin Explains:

Accidents involving DUI drivers can prove to be both emotionally and legally complex. Perhaps the most distinguishing factor is that fact that the driver who caused the accident did so while committing a crime, rather than just through mere negligence. It is very important for the victim and the family of a victim to be aware of their legal rights in pursuing a recovery for injuries caused at the hands of a DUI driver.Orlando

How do I know what options I have concerning a claim for injuries caused by a DUI driver? Call the law office of Dan Newlin & Partners at (407) 888-8000: As a former Orange County Sheriff’s detective, I have seen time and time again the effects of an accident caused by a DUI driver. Besides suffering injuries, victims and their families are often left with strong emotions towards the person that caused the accident. It may be possible to pursue further damages against the at-fault DUI driver due to his/her reckless conduct. It would be my honor to speak with you today to discuss your legal options and offer legal advice concerning your claim for damages.